Exemplar Collection

The following are some general guidelines for collecting handwriting/signature exemplars for comparison purposes.
Normal Course of Business Exemplars. These documents are normally signed and/or written during the course of business. These documents may include such items as cancelled checks, credit card receipts, employment applications, driver’s license, etc. Many sources of normal course of business documents are listed at the bottom of this page.
Ideally, these types of documents should date at or about the same time as the questioned document(s), and should be of similar type documents.
Said documents should also be comparable, i.e. of the same writing form. In other words, hand printing is compared with hand printing and cursive writing is compared with cursive writing, Generally, hand printing cannot be compared with cursive writing.
Attempt to submit as many known exemplar writings/signatures as possible.
Handwriting Exemplar Collection Forms are available; however, they are only recommended when normal course of writing is not available or very limited.
When requesting samples from a suspect, request that they write the text and/or sign the signatures in question numerous times. Dictate and do not show the questioned writing to the suspect during this process.
Contact me if you desire to receive a Handwriting Exemplar Collection Form or further information regarding proper exemplar collection techniques.
Suggested Sources of Normal Course of Business Documents:
Absentee Ballot Answers
Accident Reports Applications
Acts of Donation Art/Antique Writing
Acknowledgments Assignments
Affidavits ATP Cards
Agreements Authorizations
Aircraft Pilot/Maintenance Logs Autographs
Anonymous Auto Titles
Bill of Sale Birth Certificates
Certificate of Deposits Contracts
Certificates/Certifications Conveyances
Charge and Cash  Receipts Corporate Minutes and Papers
Checks Cover Letters
Community Property Agreements Credit Application 
Consent Form Deed
Doctors Notes Diary
Donations Graffiti 
Insurance Applications, Claim forms, Beneficiary Change Forms, Rejection of UM Coverage, and Other Insurance Forms Invoices
Land Surveys Loans
Leases Letters
Magazine Subscriptions Money Orders
Mailing Labels Mortgages
Medical Charts, Records, History, Authorizations, Progress Notes, Malpractice Messages/Notes
Minutes Motions
Patient Verifications/Consent Forms Power of Attorney
Payroll Time Sheets Promissory Notes
Permission for Search and Seizure  Prescriptions
Receipts Reports
Recruiting Forms Requisition
Severance Plan  Successions
Stock Certificates Suicide Notes
Test Papers Verifications
Waivers Wills, Holographic/Olographic
Wills, Statutory/Typed Writings of any kind

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